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Posted: December 15th, 2023

Obtain an article (dated within the past 5 years): may be a magazine, newspaper, web-article,
or other as approved by instructor. Resources can be found on the library website, GoogleScholar, etc. If you are having trouble finding something, please ask for assistance. Make sure that your articles are related in some way to topics we have already covered inclass. If you have questions about an article’s relatability, a good place to start would be thelectures and key concepts from the textbook. Write a response to the article as follows:o First Paragraph: Describe the main ideas of the article, who it was written by, wherethe article came from. Also in this section, explain the validity/reliability of the sourcefrom which the article was obtained.o Second Paragraph: In your own words, summarize the main ideas of the article.o Third Paragraph: Explain how this article connects to the class. What is your opinion ofthe article and the ideas it presents?o 1-2 pages; double spacedo APA citationo Include original article

*****the topic to find and article has to cover anything around ecosystems the biosphere. the chapter will be uploaded

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