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Posted: December 15th, 2023

Reflect on the readings and write a summary, description of the issues, and your personal reaction.

Chapter 10
Summary of the Reading
Select readings from book chapter or article not yet covered or discussed in the classroom. The readings must relate to the topics we will cover in the following week. The reading already discussed in the classroom is inappropriate for a reflection paper.
Summarize the reading by explaining the purpose of the article, chapter, book, or film; its focus, major contents, implications, and conclusions.
Issues in the Reading
Identify and explain in details the major aspects or issues the author(s) raises in the reading.
Personal Reaction
What is your reaction to the reading? Share your views, impression, experience, and suggestions, or alternatives to the views and suggestions of the author(s).
Construct a self-reflection analysis. How does this information make you feel? How does it relate to your everyday life? What does it suggest to you, people like you, or people unlike you?

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