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Posted: December 15th, 2023

LWhat is a Success Networking Team meeting and How to Facilitate an SNT
1. Form your own SNT groupTo form a group, you have several options:
Option One: Go to the official NSLS Facebook Group.Many people post messages seeking peers to start their SNTs. If you don’t see a current active post, start your own. Or check to see if there are active groups that other schools offer. You don’t have to belong to a specific school to join some groups.
Cut and paste this post language if you’re looking to start a group:Would anyone like to start a virtual SNT group? We can meet new people and help each other along the way. I think 4-5 people to join is good. Looking forward!

Option Two: Check your Chapter Events Calendar to see if SNT options are available.
Option Three: Gather a group on your own using family members, friends, colleagues, or peers with whom you already interact on a regular basis.
2. Watch and follow along with the videos (SNT Overview SNT videos #1, #2, and #3)
3. After each meeting, complete and Submit an SNT Report

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Did you succeed in achieving your action steps since the last meeting? If yes, please state which action steps you were able to complete. If no, please explain the challenges that you experienced. (If this is your first SNT meeting, write ‘first meeting’ here)*
Please state your goal using the SMART Method:*Specific: Avoid generalities! Your goal should have specific details so you know what you’re achieving.Measurable: Make sure you have solid criteria for establishing your progress toward your goal.Actionable: You can clearly define action steps towards your goalRewarding: Your goal must be something that is meaningful and worthwhile.Time Specific: Having specific dates for beginning and finishing goals keeps you on track.Example: “My goal is to receive a Sports Internship by May 1st”

Please list the action steps you will take to achieve your goals stated above. These are action steps that will be completed by next meeting. Example: “1. Finish my resume. 2. Talk with my advisor. 3. Submit a sports internship application at two institutions.”*

How have the NSLS speakers or SNT meetings helped you achieve your goals or changed your life?*

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