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Posted: December 15th, 2023

Report 1:
Technical report
This report should be written in the style of an academic paper and should describe the technical outcome of the project. The core technical details of the project should be summarised in the report. I already have 3000 words for this one that I can send for you to help.
Aim of the report
The aim of the report is to provide an overview of the technical and scientific content of your project. The paper should be capable of being read as a self-contained document: after reading it someone should have a good idea of what your project is about, where it fits into the subject, what you have achieved and how this work could be taken further. However, you may want to make references to documents which are contained elsewhere in your submission. For example, you may write a summary of your test results in your report, and refer readers to a detailed testing document which is included in your corpus or as an appendix. You should write the report so that the technical content and language used would be comprehensible to an average computer science graduate. You might want to test this by giving it to a friend on your course in a different project group and getting them to explain it back to you. Remember that there are formatting requirements and upper limits on the size of the report.. As a result of reading the report they should have a broad general idea of what you have achieved.
The report (excluding abstract, any appendices, and references) cannot exceed the upper limit of 6000 words. This word limit cannot be exceeded. The document should be in A4 format. The font size should be at least 12 pt, and all margins should be set to at least 1 inch (25 mm). The line spacing should be at least 1.3. There is no limit on the number of pages.. Any appendices will generally be short and terse; you should not use the appendices as an “overflow” for the main text.
Report 2:
Individual report
This report should be an assessment of the progress of the project, reflections on what you have learnt from undertaking it. These reflections should include a critical appraisal of the project, indicating the rationale for any design/implementation decisions, lessons learnt during the course of the project, and evaluation (with hindsight) of the product and the process of its production. It should not be a repeat of other material delivered as part of the project. It should contain at most 1500 words. This word limit cannot be exceeded. The individual report should have a title page, but there are no specific requirements for its format and its structure. The contents of individual reports are deemed to be confidential and are not revealed to other members of the group.
Video deliverable
A short video demo of your project working. This should be no longer than 5 minutes. You should use video formats that can be played without specialised or unusual video codecs. I have a sample of the video for guidance if you’ll like. It is just a screen recording video with a voiceover (robot not your own) expalining the system.

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