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Posted: December 15th, 2023

Find images to prepare a four-slide summary and a short video to share with your peers. When preparing your slides, you should consider the following information:
Microbial group taxonomic name/affiliation (0 pt; minus 1 pt if not listed);
Unique structures or morphological features (up to 1 pt);
Metabolic capabilities and diversity within the group (up to 1 pt);
Interactions with / impacts on environment/host. Possible applications or methods of diagnosis and cure (if pathogenic) (up to 2pt);
Some unique information you found online, research papers, etc (up to 2 pt);
Two questions related to the information provided (1pt).
References (0 pt; minus 1 pt if not listed)
You should introduce your microbe and highlight the microbe’s main characteristics.

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