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If you are a scholar or a student, an essay is surely no news for you. In fact, compared to all the other types of assignments, such as speeches, presentations, research papers, and so on, the essay is the most common one. You can be asked to write a customized personal essay, an argumentative one, a persuasive one and the list can go on. Each type of essay has a certain structure, may require a particular format, tone, and style, and you need to know all these details before starting to write it.

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Because it needs a lot of work, time and energy, numerous students get frightened when they need to write an elaborate essay. For this reason, they rush to look online for tips and formats, ideas, and even for professional custom essay assistance. But what does this mean? Nowadays, even though the multitude of academic tasks is overwhelming, students can always rely on specialized companies which offer professional writing services, such as Boom Essays. Most of them, also offer custom essay writing services, which means that you can provide clear instructions when it comes to the paper you order, and the writer in charge of your essay will follow them closely. Is this the right solution for you, too? Do you need this type of services?

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If you don’t know whether to opt for professional assistance with your custom essay or not, you should analyze the following popular reasons why students generally choose these services. Then, decide for yourself if you need custom essays or not.

  • You don’t have enough time

No matter if your paper must debate a topic you like or not, it will still require time. The number of hours or even days spent on writing an essay depends on a broad variety of factors, such as its length, complexity, your skills, your knowledge and so on. However, you have to decide from the beginning how much time you can allow for your article so that you can create a successful one. Take into consideration the research you need to do and the final phases, such as formatting and editing. Is it possible to squeeze all these stages in your busy schedule so that the quality of the essay may not be affected? Unfortunately, the majority of students will answer “no” to this question. So is it legit to seek professional assistance? Generally speaking, student life is characterized by plenty of assignments and classes, and dealing with all of them is near to impossible. Moreover, some students also work or already have their own families, which means more responsibilities and less time. If you find yourself in this situation, then a specialized company that provides custom-made papers may be the perfect solution for your lack of time.

  • You don’t have access to reliable resources

Another common issue encountered by students is the lack of free, credible sources. Spending long hours in a library may not be a problem for some, but for others, this is not possible. What to do then? The first thing that may come to your mind is to search for information on the Internet. But is this a real solution? No, because most of the articles you can read there are not written by specialists or professionals. You will rarely find trusted educational websites or some free, reliable sources on the web. For thorough research, you have to take your information from books, atlases, encyclopedias, dictionaries, and academic articles. Do you have access to these resources?

  • You don’t have the necessary writing skills

For some, it may be hard to admit that they simply don’t have the necessary writing skills. But there is nothing to be ashamed of; not everyone is a talented writer, just as not everyone is talented at painting or singing. However, if you want to create an outstanding essay, you should know that you cannot gain this type of skills overnight. If you aim for a high grade, you better opt for custom paper writing services.

  • You need a customized essay for the high grade

Do you acknowledge that this article means a lot for your academic journey and that you really need a high grade? Then, why wouldn’t you ask for professional help, so that your paper can be handled by experienced writers, who have the necessary skills and knowledge? Don’t take any risk and go with an academic writing company, which provides customized services.

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If you are overwhelmed by your task and don’t have the time or energy to complete it, writing a poor essay is not a solution. Nor is it to copy-paste a paper you find on the Internet because it will not meet your teacher’s expectations and will get you in trouble, as many schools use anti-plagiarism software. On the other hand, opting for a professional company that can provide you with a custom-written essay will assure you a high grade. Keep in mind that custom writing services allow you to give clear instructions regarding your paper so that you can explain how it should look like, what references it should include, what are the requirements of your teacher and so on.

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If you are seeking for professional help with your custom essay, but you have still not decided which company to choose, here are the main reasons why you should opt for – which provides custom papers, for both graduate and undergraduate students:

  • Experienced Writers

Our team from is formed of professional writers with a vast experience in completing academic tasks. They are Ph.D. graduates or have a Master’s degree. Also, we hired at least one expert in each academic field, so that we can cover any topic.

  • Affordable Services

If you are looking for cheap custom papers, you can be sure that Boom Essays always strives to keep a balance between the prices and the services we provide, so that we can help as many students as possible.

  • Timely Delivery

If your custom paper has an urgent deadline, you have another reason to be stressed. But, hey! We are here to help you, so forget about these worries and send us a request! If you place an order on, you set the time frame, and we will respect it so that you can hand in your custom essay just in time.

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