Posted: January 23rd, 2023

How can you move a policy forward? What strategies need to be implemented, evidence compiled, or resources utilized? What is the plan for the legislative process?

For this Assignment, you will create a Personal Legislative Agenda in which you will detail your strategy for moving your policy through the legislative process.

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Begin working in Week 5, it is not due until Week 7.


  • Review the Personal Legislative Agenda and Action Plan Exemplar to demonstrate how you will construct your Personal Legislative Agenda for the state and federal proposed legislation.
  • Review the Personal Legislative Agenda and Action Plan Exemplar to determine which approach might work best for advancing your policy initiatives at various stages of the legislative process.


Submit a Personal Legislative Agenda detailing your strategy for moving your policy through the legislative process, using the Personal Legislative and Agenda and Action Plan Exemplar as your template.

In your Personal Legislative Agenda, choose from the strategies provided in Advocacy Toolkit resource that best suite moving your policies forward. Be sure to connect the strategies to the appropriate sections of the policy model you selected in Module 2.

Agenda: Nursing Shortage

See attachment for the form that needs to be used



Personal Legislative Agenda & Action Plan

(Student’s Name)


Context: I am a Family Nurse Practitioner and volunteer two afternoons a week at a free primary healthcare clinic in South Florida. The majority of our families are Latino or Haitian immigrants, and most of the children have at least one undocumented immigrant parent. None of the families have health insurance, many suffer chronic conditions (such as, asthma, diabetes, and HTN), and their only source for medication is from the clinic.

Problem: The fear of deportation, incarceration, and/or family separation discourages undocumented immigrant families from seeking healthcare until the symptoms are so severe, they can no longer be ignored. There are very few specialists who will accept our referrals; those who do have long wait times for appointments or are too far away for most of our families. Access to affordable health insurance and comprehensive healthcare services are desperately needed for undocumented immigrant families in South Florida and across America.

Proposed State Legislation: HB 135/SB 640: Florida Kidcare Program Eligibility

My position: Support Oppose Amend Watch

Proposed Federal Legislation: H.R.3149/S.1660: HEAL for Immigrant Families Act of 2021


A personal legislative agenda refers to a set of policy proposals or initiatives that an individual or organization is advocating for in the legislative process. This can include issues such as tax reform, healthcare reform, education policy, criminal justice reform, and many others. The specific items on a personal legislative agenda will vary depending on the individual or organization and their priorities and beliefs. It’s important to note that a personal legislative agenda is different from an official legislative agenda of a government or political party.

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