numerous advantages to working for a high-performing organization and low-performing |My essay solution

Posted: March 12th, 2023



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It seems like organizations working at the level of higher maturity levels would be more productive, easier to manage change, and better places to work. Why aren’t there more high-performance organizations out there?


Purpose of this discussion: There are numerous advantages to working for a high-performing organization and low-performing organizations can be unhealthy and toxic. Unfortunately, there are more reactive organizations than high-performance organizations. Using your own experience and what you have learned in this course, this discussion enables students to reflect on possible causes for this. Sharing these observations and reflections with others offers additional insights into your own experience and learning.


Criteria for success: Full credit given for proposing a cause for the lower percentage of high-performance organization and supporting details. Personal examples and research help provide answers for this question.



There are several reasons why there aren’t more high-performance organizations out there. One possible cause is the lack of a clear and shared vision among the members of the organization. Without a clear and compelling vision, employees may lack motivation and a sense of purpose. This can result in a lack of direction and focus, which can prevent the organization from achieving its full potential.

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