identifying how performance appraisals (PAs) are used to demonstrate the success of training efforts.|My homework helper

Posted: March 15th, 2023

Create an action plan in a PowerPoint presentation. Include the components listed below

  •  the plan is to assist managers with identifying how performance appraisals (PAs) are used to demonstrate the success of training efforts. Analyze how performance appraisals are applied to training efforts. Then, identify three different types of PA, which could be used in your action plan, and include the rationale for your choice of each PA. Include the strategies for reaching the goal including what the trainee must do, what resources will be needed, and the type of support from managers and peers that will be necessary.
  • Include the strategies for receiving feedback, which will be used to demonstrate the success of the training efforts.
  • Define the expected assessment results and how the results can be used to improve training.

Begin your action plan by stating the goal. Next, identify at least three strategies for reaching the goal. Briefly explain your chosen strategies with supporting data in the speaker notes section of the PowerPoint presentation.

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For the third part of the action plan, develop a 10-question survey that could be used to demonstrate the success of the plan. Conclude your action plan with a summary of the expected results and how the manager could use them to improve training. At least 10 slides.

The title slide and references slide do not count toward the required number of slides. You must use at least two sources, with one being  (Employee Training & Development 9th edition by Raymond Noe) and the other being academic in nature.

10 slides with speaker notes


Performance appraisals (PAs) are a crucial tool in demonstrating the success of training efforts. They help assess employees’ current job performance, identify areas for improvement, and set goals for future performance. PAs can be used to measure the effectiveness of training efforts by evaluating the employee’s progress towards their goals, identifying the skills and knowledge they have acquired, and determining whether the training has improved their performance on the job.

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