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Posted: December 15th, 2023

One factor that can impact employee engagement and block the attainment of strategic goals is the reality of outsourcing. Outsourcing can be motivated by cost factors, a lack of in-house expertise or even a restructure at the bidding of a consultant or new executive. In many cases outsourcing impacts employees’ job security and may lower employee morale and engagement. In addition, many outsourcing decisions include individuals or companies that may operate in other countries or even different regions of the same country with vastly different cultures and norms. This adds an additional layer for managers to consider.
Outsourcing Example:
So how exactly are decisions to outsource made? Let’s take a look at one example where you’ll be put in the shoes of a Director of Parks and Rec:
Your Task for this Discussion:
Having just looked a scenario faced by a Director of Parks and Rec, imagine the choices you would make in your upcoming Speedy Pro assignment:
The manager of your division at Speedy Pro is asking you to make a recommendation about outsourcing mental health services for the wellness clinic.
Part I: Recommendation and Conclusion
1. Consider the decisions made in the above branching scenario and share your recommendation for either outsourcing the mental health services for the wellness clinic or keeping them in the house.
2. How did you reach your conclusions? In your specific discipline (BUS)/organization, provide an example of an outsourcing decision that had an impact upon you, or locate one that has been in the news in the recent past.
3. Did the outsourcing decision involve different cultures or norms?
4. How would you recommend implementing an outsourcing decision and communicating that decision to your employees?

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